Details are Everything


Can you think of the last outstanding experience you had with a business? Mine was a handwritten thank-you note I got after buying an inexpensive shirt from an online retailer. I remember it because taking the time to handwrite a thank-you note is a small detail that not many people bother with any more.

But details are everything. 

Remembering to cover the little details with your customers is what makes their experience with you memorable. Sad to say, but it doesn’t take any major effort these days to be exceptional. So many businesses are ok with just doing the bare minimum to get the job done. But being more than mediocre is noticed and appreciated. That attention to detail, that stretch for perfection – it matters. It matters to your clients who value you and your expertise and service. 

Make details the differentiator between you and your competition. It’s the absolute best way to make sure your customer doesn’t get tempted by a cheaper product or service somewhere else. Add value by doing more than the competition, not by dropping your price. 

When customers experience the difference they’ll remember you the next time they need your business. Take pride in the details and customers will come back to you again and again.

Amanda NorwoodComment