Why Do You Need Spark?

The other day I met with a small business owner who was completely overwhelmed. She was paralyzed by the prospect of all the marketing tasks she needed to do to grow her business. But she knew she only had so many hours in the day and if she went a million different directions instead of focusing on the beautiful work she does for her clients, the product would suffer.

She had so many questions. Where should I start? How much time do I need to spend? How do I figure out what’s important and what’s not? How do I keep track of everything?

This scenario is exactly why I started Spark!. Because during my 17+ years in sales and marketing, I noticed time and time again that there were business owners who knew they needed to be diligently marketing their business but they didn’t have the time or expertise to do it themselves. On the other hand, many of them also couldn’t afford to pay a full-service branding agency to do everything for them.

I heard someone say in a marketing podcast recently, that when you create a product or provide a service, it should be something that people want, need or are missing. I felt like there was a definite need for small businesses to have a flexible marketing solution that was somewhere in between doing it themselves and engaging an agency.

The purpose of Spark! is to give small businesses a point-person for their marketing (me) without bringing a dedicated “marketing manager” on staff. The project could include a website, an email campaign, a social campaign, a press release, a pay-per-click campaign, a logo or all of the above. Sometimes it means we take on the whole marketing pie at once, sometimes it means we deal with one slice at a time. I feel that this type of arrangement is comfortable and approachable for many small businesses from a financial point and from a practical point.

So why hire me? Because I can help prioritize, organize and execute your marketing while you focus on what makes your business awesome.

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