Are you a small business owner overwhelmed with the daily responsibilities of keeping your customers happy while trying to be your own marketing department at the same time? you manage marketing for a small business but find that all the moving pieces are too much for one person?

I started Spark! because for more than a decade I developed close relationships with business owners and marketing managers just like I described. But there wasn't a flexible, affordable option for them to turn to. Even though there are lots of fantastic branding firms out there, the cost is out of reach for many small businesses and the process is intimidating.

I wanted to make things simple. Think of Spark! as your marketing department "on-call". Whether you need something as small as an email campaign or as complex as a re-branding strategy, Spark! can help. You won't be dealing with multiple layers of people and processes or complicated pricing and unnecessary mark-ups.

Please call me to set up a free consultation to discuss whether Spark! is a good fit for you.