Amanda Norwood
From a little spark may burst a flame
— Dante

A creative image can spark interest. A powerful message can spark a conversation. An effective strategy can spark a new relationship. All the sparks happening around us make the world an interesting and exciting place. And it’s the little sparks that can turn your small business into a BIG deal.

The purpose of Spark! is to create the simple sparks.

I started Spark! because I believe marketing a small business doesn’t have to be complex or expensive.

As a savvy small business owner, you know you need marketing. But you probably don't have the time or expertise needed to do it yourself and a full-service advertising agency may not be in the budget. You just want somebody you can trust to understand what you need and execute.

That’s where Spark! comes in. 

Maybe you just need a logo designed. Your website refreshed. A website, period. You need some copywriting for a sales brochure. Or help navigating your advertising options. No problem. Spark! can help.